University Suburban Sleep Center

Suite 203


No referral needed
Most major insurances accepted

The Sleep Center at University Suburban Health Center is accredited by The American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) and provides diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders. The Center has an on-site sleep study lab, which can help your doctor determine if you have a sleep disorder and how severe it is. Any of the following problems may indicate a sleep disorder: chronic snoring, difficulty falling asleep, waking up suddenly gasping for air, waking up during the night and unable to fall back asleep, trouble concentrating during the day, morning headaches, falling asleep during the day, and/or feeling tired all the time.


University Suburban Sleep Center's Medical Director is Dr. Anthony DiMarco, M.D., who is also a Professor of Physiology at Case Western Reserve University, and is board certified in Sleep Medicine by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. 

Woman Sleeping