Get Your Lab Results Quickly in One Easy Step

While you will continue to receive lab results from your doctors, you can also request to receive copies of the results directly from the lab that performed the tests. At the University Suburban Health Center (USHC) lab located in suite 011 - most results performed onsite are ready after 24 hours.

“Proper consultation and evaluation of your lab tests by a licensed practitioner are important, so you should always discuss your results with your doctor,” says, Kathleen Allen, M.D., the Laboratory Director at USHC. “According to federal law (HIPAA), however, it’s the patient’s right to access his/her personal health information, and that includes lab tests.

Patients should take an active role in making sure that test results are available to their health care providers and are encouraged to review and keep a copy of their lab results for personal reference even if they’re completely normal,” she added. “Knowing and understanding your lab results can assist you to make informed decisions while discussing treatment options with your doctor and help you focus on staying healthy.”

Get Your Lab Results Now

To receive your lab results, you can complete the “Request to Access Protected Health Information” form or complete it on the day of your lab visit. Your results can be sent either through e-mail, fax, regular mail, or you can pick up the results in suite 011.

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